More environments benefiting from the NAND discard interface

The performance and lifetime benefits of discards (also known as Trim) require a complete path between the media and the file system. Recently introduced to Green Hills INTEGRITY and Wind River VxWorks, this interface is crucial for NAND flash media. Customers can now take advantage of Datalight's discard functionality on Linux, INTEGRITY, and VxWorks.

On Utilizing U-Boot in Embedded Designs

U-Boot is becoming the defacto standard among embedded bootloaders, from Embedded Linux to VxWorks 7 and even small solutions such as FreeRTOS. How can proprietary software work in this GPL environment? How does a device boot from NAND using U-Boot? This blog post focuses on these answers and more.

Myth Busting: SSDs are Faster than SDs – or Are They?

At the request of a customer in the banking machines segment, Datalight recently completed an investigation of some performance differences they were seeing between SD and SSD on their embedded target. The findings left us scratching our head a bit.

VxWorks 7: The New Modular Operation System Environment

Datalight products have been supported on Wind River's VxWorks environment for over a decade. As Wind River advances their operating system, Datalight enhances our products to support the latest releases (Of course we continue to support legacy versions as far back as VxWorks 5.5.). As we finish up our integration into the VxWorks 7.0 environment we thought you might benefit from a heads up on some of the changes in Wind River's new modular operating system environment.

Benefits of NAND Flash - Wind River and Datalight Webinar

Join us March 18th at 11am PDT as Datalight CEO Roy Sherrill and Wind River Product Manager Bill Graham weigh the pros and cons of switching to NAND. Maximize the usability and efficiency of your device memory by understanding all the considerations that go into integrating a NAND flash with your device's software. Learn more and reserve your spot today as space is limited.

Datalight Products on VxWorks

Datalight FlashFX Pro ships as an evaluation version in all VxWorks distributions since version 6.5. Customers who need support for NAND flash on VxWorks chose FlashFX Pro for abstracting the intricacies of working with flash memory.