When Swedish Farmer Needed to Harvest His Crop, Datalight was there

The heartwarming story of a farmer in need, a tech savvy neighbor and the support team that helped them save the day.

The Great OS Migration

Microsoft ended extended support for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 earlier this year, and plans to end support for all Windows Embedded products in the next five years. In this article, we look at differences that embedded developers will encounter.

Do You Need the Flexibility and Transparency of Source Code?

Acquiring software components for your embedded design can be a time consuming task. The right libraries can be purchased, but if changes are needed, the whole project may have to wait. On the other hand, a source code solution can require more knowledge, or even a dedicated resource. Which is the best solution for your design?

Engineers Must Learn the Importance of Software Testing

I started working at Datalight as a file system engineer shortly after graduating from college. And when I started, software testing was somewhat foreign to me. I was a developer, and QA was a place for other people that did other things. I assumed my job was to create software that performed as users expected as long as the users did things correctly. If they did something weird, like trying to fread() from a NULL file handle, they should expect bad things to happen. In other words, I expected to follow my “common sense” in designing workable software, and I expected my users to follow the same “common sense” as they interacted with it.

Root Cause Analysis: The Quest for Zero Defects

Today automotive OEMs—and by extension, their suppliers—are being held to a standard that demands absolute answers whenever a component or system fails. The safeguards built in and care taken in developing these systems is high and failures are a rare occurrence, only small fractions of a percentage.

Support: When You Need it You Need it Big Time!

I've always carefully considered which cell phone I use. Having had Datalight software in lots of cell phones has given me an extra affinity for them. I started with a Microsoft Windows-based phone long before any one called them a "Smart Phone."

File System Sculpting

For many embedded operating systems, the default file system is the only choice available. Sometimes a few customization options exist, and usually only at mount time. When using Linux as an embedded OS, there are a few more customization options and the source is available, but it is rarely easy to understand and modify. Reliance Nitro is an embedded file system that can be sculpted to fit where you need it.

Reliance Transactional File system demo

Demonstrating how system software work in a visual manner is an interesting problem, especially in embedded space. There is no UI or visual effects to WOW the audience. To evaluate the value system software components bring to an embedded design, the customer usually needs to configure our software on his embedded development board.