Harte Onewein

Embedded World 2017 – Growing Reality of the IoT

The focus of this years' Embedded World was "Securely Connecting the Internet of Things," but the thing that stood out was not only security, it was the growing reality of the IoT. Over the last few years, we have all heard about the IoT ad nauseam, so I will spare you the same old discussion. However, what was different from prior years was that many IoT promises are finally coming true. No longer is it "The Next Big Thing" – devices are beginning to deliver on the promises made by those promoting the IoT.

Datalight to Present at ESC Minneapolis

We are excited to announce that Datalight has been invited to present at the 2016 Embedded Systems Conference in Minneapolis, September 21-22. The session “Open Source and yet Secure” and “Avoiding the Brick – Seamless Updates in Embedded Devices,” will discuss best practices embedded engineers can employ to avoid challenges they face in producing long-lasting, high-quality products.

Do You Know How Wear-Leveling Extends Flash Lifetime?

Embedded devices are used for many different purposes, in many different industries, and the expectations for lifetime range vastly between them. Small consumer products, such as wrist-mounted fitness monitors have lifetimes of only a few years as new versions will take their place shortly, whereas embedded devices in cars and energy meters may be expected to last upwards of 30 years. NAND flash wears out over time and will eventually fail. How can you extend the life of your NAND-based devices?

Survey Says: Protecting Data is a Concern in Embedded

We recently conducted a survey on the state of data security for embedded developers and the projects they are working on as a way to gauge the security concerns of the industry. We wanted to get developers’ opinions on everything related to embedded security, including how they are keeping data secure, if they foresee future projects requiring more security and which security risks they consider are the most important.