Microsoft Corporation

Windows Embedded operating systems can provide a device platform for your next embedded design through Windows Embedded CE, Windows XP Embedded and Windows Embedded for Retail Point of Service. Windows XP Embedded is a componentized version of Windows XP Professional SP2 that ships with 12,000 components (9,000 drivers and 3,000 operating system features) and provides you the flexibility to choose the components that are included in your operating system image. Windows CE is a small footprint, componentized, hard real-time, embedded operating system that runs on multiple processor architectures (ARM, MIPS, SH4, x86). Both platforms enable you to use off the shelf hardware, drivers, and applications to rapidly build and ship embedded devices. Windows Embedded for Retail Point of Service delivers the functionality that retailers demand for point of service (POS) systems and is also the first point-of-service operating system platform to provide plug-n-play support for retail device peripherals