Datalight delivers industry-leading solutions for flash media management and fault-tolerant file systems, a job made possible through our partnership with the embedded community's best integrators and development consultants world wide  -- The Datalight Partner Network.

The Datalight Partner Program offers support tailored to your commitment level, knowledge and experience. Each level of the program provides access to our development kits, just-in-time training, technical support and business development managers - all necessary in the rapid development of tomorrow's mission critical embedded solutions.

Why Partner with Datalight?
  • Software, Services, Licensing revenue opportunities
  • Customer referrals (leads)
  • Co-operative marketing opportunities
  • Access to Technical support
  • Virtual seminar participation
What is Required to Participate?

To become a Datalight Partner, you must:

  • Derive at least 25% of revenue from the sale and/or support of embedded solution development
  • Meet specific experience, staffing and revenue requirements for desired program level
  • Maintain good standing in the program by submitting required reporting, keeping current with membership fees, and continuing to meet all program level requirements

To learn more about partnering with Datalight, contact