IT and Lab Manager | Datalight

Job description

Datalight is the creator of the Reliance family of transactional file systems and the FlashFX family of driver technology for using flash memory. The Reliance file systems ensure data access is reliable and fast. Our FlashFX products allow embedded system developers to easily incorporate NAND and NOR flash memory, the fastest growing non-volatile storage medium, into their systems. Together, these technologies provide the critical software foundation that will capture, protect & extend the lifeblood of the embedded device future. It’s all about the data – where we want it, when we want it, and always reliable. 

Datalight is looking for a technical person to manage three vital roles: IT liaison, product build management, and lab technician. The successful candidate must be technically skilled in PC, server, and network systems and demonstrate the ability to multitask among competing tasks and to communicate internally with Datalight staff and externally with vendors. You score additional points if you have the experience or desire to work with embedded, IoT systems.

The candidate doesn’t have to be a programmer—instead you should have the ability to script manual processes for automated, unattended operation. Rather than wait for issues to be resolved, you must be always on the lookout to proactively help staff members who need hardware and software installation and setup. Datalight software toolkits are produced on a variety of platforms and you’ll need to be comfortable working with mainstream operating systems and that means Linux and Windows.

It is always preferable to focus on one task at a time, but that isn’t usually possible at Datalight. You must thoroughly enjoy being able to start multiple things at once, prioritize among them, and pace your work to eventually achieve the nirvana of getting to completion. As a result, your ability to keep everything organized and paced is a must! 

Overall, this position’s role is to optimize and simplify the staff’s use of computing tools and services in its everyday operation.


IT management

  • Responsibility for the operation of Datalight’s administrative systems and networking. You are the single point of contact with our third party IT service provider
  • Maintain our development systems and networks
  • Assist with local system needs to ensure that Datalight’s staff are always up and running with their PCs, apps, and network access
  • Work closely with engineering management to prioritize work
  • Create a systematic approach so that devices, apps, and systems are tracked and properly installed, updated, and licensed 

Build management

  • Setup and administer legacy build system (MKS)
  • Responsible for management of the feature/bug tracking database system and cloud-based file distribution to our partners and customers
  • Take over responsibility for adoption of our next generation DevOps system (ex: Jenkins from product build to web site deployment)
  • Ability to take manual build processes and automate them with tools and scripting (STAF, PERL, batch commands, and so on)
  • Responsible for the automation of tests to our nightly build system, scripting, running and evaluating the results
  • Strong ability to deliver system management services to engineering by collaborating with the team

Engineering systems management

  • Same work as in the IT management role, but for engineering systems
  • Isolate a quality engineering systems and network infrastructure that is separate from the company’s administration system
  • Work with third party vendors and partners to ensure that software and hardware tools are installed and kept up to date, maintained, and properly licensed (ex: file editors, virtual machines, compilers, debuggers, and so on)
  • In the future, take on logistics of organizing and maintaining incoming embedded boards, diagnostic equipment, and flash memory parts
  • Assume other duties related to improving the overall effectiveness of the engineering organization

Education & Experience Requirements

  • Strong technical knowledge in IT and computer desktop hardware and software background in device driver and file system development
  • Experience to create an automated environment using a combination of scripting and software tools
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Associates degree in Information Sciences preferred
  • 2+ years of IT/software engineering/development/QA experience 
  • Experience in setting up working labs and virtual test environments through a mix of PCs, servers, and network devices
  • Knowledge and experience working with embedded target boards and operating system images, and board bring up desired
  • Insatiable interest and drive to learn and improve

Professional Characteristics

  • Ability and desire to empathize, communicate, and collaborate with our internal staff (your customer!) and technology partners
  • Extremely organized and able to prioritize and work with multiple projects without “breaking a sweat”
  • Ability to prioritize and execute on a number of competing tasks in a dynamic, deadline-oriented, agile development environment
  • Team player with the ability to exercise independent, sound judgment and decision making; not afraid of conflict 
  • Take charge attitude regardless if well-defined or not, prepare a plan, and get to completion
  • Desire to provide documentation of procedures of common tasks
  • Effective communication skills, both written and verbal; English proficiency is a must
  • Hands-on, dependable, detailed, quality-conscious, and a track record of achieving results 
  • Self-starter, able to work effectively in a dynamic, non-bureaucratic team environment while also meeting individual responsibilities 

This position is an employee, salaried role in our Bothell, WA headquarters. Due to the nature of IT support, some overtime can be expected.

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