From the bottom of the ocean to the depths of space, from the factory floor to your hip pocket, specialized computing devices, known as embedded systems, are all around us. Cars have computers that monitor their performance. Airplanes have data recorders that track every system. And you and I have cellphones, PDAs and music players that we carry with us everywhere. This diverse industry is growing at a fast pace, quickly overtaking the burgeoning desktop computer market. As these devices become more interconnected and ubiquitous, the data contained in them becomes more and more important.

Datalight is the creator of the pioneering transactional file system that ensures this data is reliable. We develop driver technology for using flash memory, the fastest growing non-volatile storage medium, which allows embedded developers to easily incorporate this leading edge memory hardware into their systems. Together, these technologies provide the critical software foundation that will capture, protect and extend the lifeblood of the embedded device future. It's all about the data - where we want it, when we want it, always reliable.

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Opportunities at Datalight typically require significant experience in system software and/or embedded hardware design.