The world’s best-known device manufacturers rely on Datalight software to enhance performance and speed time-to-market. Datalight flash memory drivers and file systems improve the user’s experience by boosting throughput, cutting file seek time, shortening boot time, and eliminating data corruption. Datalight provides software as well as expert consulting and services for optimizing solid-state storage for smart phones, mobile computers, medical devices, automotive systems and embedded systems of all types.

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File systems, flash drivers, storage expertise

Datalight Reliance Nitro™ is a transactional file system created specifically for embedded devices where power loss may occur, protecting critical system and user data from corruption. It ensures rock-solid data reliability while providing the performance needed to create an optimal user experience. More Info

FlashFX® Tera is a flash memory manager (FTL) that frees developers from the volatility and constraints of a single-source flash memory driver while handling wear leveling, bad block management, and other vulnerabilities of NAND flash memory. Versatility allows fast integration with over 300 flash chip part numbers. More Info

Improve performance, power-efficiency and endurance. FlashFXe™ is the only eMMC driver for Linux that dramatically reduces write amplification -- a key shortcoming of solid-state storage-- improving performance, increasing endurance and reducing power consumption of your embedded device More Info

ROM-DOS™ was introduced in 1989 as an MS-DOS compatible operating system engineered specifically for embedded developers. The most robust DOS available to serve the embedded marketplace, ROM-DOS enables current desktop hardware in legacy implementations. More Info

Software Development Services

Datalight offers expert consulting and software development services for reliable data management in embedded systems.. More Info

“Every flash part we’ve ever used has gone EOL while the devices using it were still shipping. FlashFX Pro gives us the flexibility to keep up with changes in the flash supply without having to resort to a costly total system redesign.” – Senior Director of Software Engineering, Tier 1 Embedded Mobile Computer Manufacturer"